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I work in mixed media including oils, acrylics, pigments, and colored pencils.

The list of prices below is meant as a guideline only. Each piece is unique and may not fall neatly into one category. So please e-mail me for a more accurate quote. 

Prices are as follows for Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12), and Miniature (1:20-1:32) scales, respectively. No commissions for Micro Minis at this time. 

Simple solid colors (black, bay, chestnut, dilutes, etc.):

  • $1800
  • $1400
  • $700


  • $3000
  • $2500
  • $1500

Pinto and appaloosa:

  • $2000 – $3000+
  • $1500 – $2000+
  • $800 – $1200+


  • $2500
  • $1800
  • $1000

 Dapples add:

  • $500-$1200+
  • $300-$1000+
  • $200-$500+

Dun factor (beyond simple dorsal stripe) add:

  • $250
  • $200
  • $100

Medallion rates:

Four classifications of medallion sizes are as follows:

  • Small head (Mink Cubequines, Parks Monopoly medallions, etc.)
  • Small full body, or medium head (Toshi, Wee-Z, Oakley, Osha, Mink Mare Trio, etc.)
  • Medium full/half body or large head (Khairunissa, Takeshi, The Call, etc.)
  • Large full body (Zephyr, Kerfluffle, etc.)

Detailed background priced individually. Multi-figure medallions priced individually. 

  • Simple, solid colors:
    • $250
    • $350
    • $400
    • $500
  • Complex colors – grey, dappled, pinto, appaloosa, fantasy:
    • $300+
    • $400+
    • $500+
    • $650+

Basic, simple prepping is included in the price, but please, no major prepping projects (repairs, excessive pinholes or seams, etc.). If you are unsure if a prepping project is too extensive, just ask. I will need to return to owner or send to a prepper any pieces beyond a basic level, at owners expense. 

Bases can be painted for an additional charge: $50-$200+ depending on size and detail.

Extra large Traditional models may be extra, especially for more detailed colors.

Return shipping is not included in price and will be included in final bill.

Rates are subject to change.


Payment and policies:

  • Payment can be made via PayPal or via personal check.
  • I require a non-refundable minimum downpayment of 25% for commissions over $500 or 50% for commissions $500 and under to hold a spot and begin work on your model.
  • Downpayment is due within 3 days of invoicing.
  • I can accept the remainder of the payment up front, when your model is finished, or anywhere in between. Unless time payments are previously arranged, the balance must be paid within 7 days of when your model is finished. I will keep you updated on the progress so that you can expect approximately when this will be and plan accordingly.
  • Your model will not be shipped until payment is received in full.
  • Unless another agreement is made, if final payment is not received within 7 days of your model’s completion, or in the case of time payments, if any payment is late by more than 7 days, it will be considered a default and the model and any payments will be forfeited. 

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at [email protected]