I’m so pleased to introduce this collection of Whirlwinds! Whirlwind is the 1:20 scale version of Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig’s incomparable Stormwatch sculpture. I was fortunate to paint two copies of Stormwatch when he was first released 17 years ago, towards the beginning of my painting career. In the past several years I’ve been itching for the chance to paint him again with all the additional skills 20 years of experience has given me. But unpainted copies are not easy to come by! So when Sarah announced the release of this smaller version, I knew I had to jump on this chance to paint him in an entire rainbow of colors!

This was a huge undertaking. I wildly underestimated how much time this whole collection would take. But the incredible little details Sarah put into the sculpture just begged for the same level of detail in the finish work. Even if it pushed my timeline enough to likely reduce this year’s Breyerfest offering a bit (oops!), they were worth every minute. This little Whirlwind army makes me so happy!

I am offering these eight pieces split between two different sales methods. Four will be offered via auction on Model Horse Place. Four will be offered at a fixed price, first come/first served.

Click on any photo to see the full photo album of each piece.


Auctions are now live! All end on Sunday, April 21 with staggered ending times.

Fixed Price

Available Saturday, April 20, 12pm/noon EST. Link goes out to my mailing list first.

Time payments will be available for fixed price pieces. 3 months/4 payments, 25% down, 25% in May, 25% in June, 24% in July. Alternate timelines considered on a case by case basis.

Shipping is $20 in the US, USPS priority. I am happy to ship internationally for actual cost. (I sadly cannot ship to Germany at this time, but am happy to ship to a US proxy PPD, or discounted to an international proxy to help cover additional shipping costs.)

Free Breyerfest pickup available!