I am so excited to be offering another Breyerfest sale at the Artisans Gallery in person this year! There is a lot of information on this page, but should cover all the necessary info for this year’s sale. Scroll to the bottom for terms and info on payment, shipping, etc.

This year in order to best accommodate both in person and online shoppers while keeping things most manageable for this one woman show I will have two different sales method: Private offers, and first come/first served. Offers are available to in person and online shoppers equally. First come/first served pieces will be available in person first on Thursday evening, and then open to online shoppers. I’d love to make them available to both equally, but unfortunately cannot manage online sales and in person sales simultaneously on opening night during the initial rush, especially with the spotty internet connection at the CHIN. Both categories are outlined below.

Offers Pieces

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Fixed Price, FC/FS Pieces

The following models and medallions will be available first come/first served in person beginning Thursday evening, 5:30pm EST at the Artisans Gallery. Pieces will then be made available online after the initial rush. Exact time TBD. This may be as early as 6:30 EST, or may be after the evening is over, depending on the crowds and the service available in the Artisans Gallery. I know an inexact time does not make for easy planning, but I want to prioritize making them available as soon as I can. The link to the shopping page will go out via my newsletter.

*Any purchases made online during live Artisan Gallery hours may be cancelled in the event of a coinciding in person purchase of the piece. Every effort will be made to keep online inventory updated.

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Fixed Price Models

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Fixed Price Medallions

Terms on offers

Offers may be submitted in person, or via email or DM. If submitting an offer online I will recommend submitting your initial offer at least a few hours before the offer end time as internet connection can be spotty at the CHIN. Virtual bidders will be provided with my phone number to be kept up to date and continue bidding via text during Artisan Gallery hours.

Current offer amounts will be kept updated here as much as possible. But again, may not be updated during Artisan Gallery hours. So getting your offer in early and connecting via phone number is the best way to ensure you are kept up to date and are able to get your offers in.

Please make bids in minimum increments of $25. I am happy to auto-bid for you in increments of $25 should you wish to give your highest bid. I will then notify you only if/when your high bid has been outbid. Available upon request. Otherwise bids will be listed as submitted.

Bidding will be closed to new bidders at the listed deadline. In the event of active bidding within the final hour, I will allow final bids to play out beyond the deadline, allowing up to 10 minutes for a response from each remaining bidder.

Payment or downpayment on offers pieces is required within 8 hours of auction end or piece will be offered to the next highest bidder.

I reserve the right to end, extend, or in any other way alter the auction timeline if I deem necessary due to extenuating circumstances, technical difficulties, etc. in the effort to provide a fair offers system.

Payment methods

At the Artisan Gallery I will be accepting, and encouraging, cash payment. Again, because of internet issues, this will be the most reliable form of payment. I will also accept PayPal and Venmo. If needed, FCFS pieces can be held for 15 minutes as you step outside to send through a payment.

Time payments

Time payments are welcome on any piece over $500, with the following proposed terms:

Over $500, 50% down, 50% in 30 days

Over $1000, 30% down, 30% in 30 days, balance in 60 days

Over $1500, up to 6 months. 

Longer time payments considered on a case by case basis. Please feel free to propose different terms if something else would work for you! 

If paying via time payments, please indicate upon submitting your offer along with proposed terms.


Breyerfest pickup will be available and encouraged for all pieces. Shipping available for anything purchased online at exact cost. Shipping via USPS priority. I will happily ship internationally. I sadly cannot ship to Germany at this time, but I am happy to ship to a US proxy PPD, or to an international proxy at a discount.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! [email protected]